Camille Joy Johnston is an American artist represented by the Lomaka Gallery, based in London and Moscow. Camille received her BA from the University of Michigan in Art History and Global Media Studies. She also has a Master's in Art Business from Sotheby's Institute and the University of Manchester, graduating from each institution summa cum laude.  She began her career as the Artist in Residence for Gabrielle Shaw Communications and then became a Freelance Professional Photographer and Illustrator.  She currently lives and works in London. 


Artist Statement

I enjoy blurring boundaries- (photography with text, kitsch with high-art philosophy) as much as I enjoy the dynamic of extremes- (playing them against one another, making them define one another). 

I paint how others write and write how others paint. I try to grasp the beauty I see, knowing this is futile, and operating somewhere in the void between.